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The Brand

Our dream

Honda, started with a dream, and dreams are what continues to drive us. After World War II, Soichiro Honda used the discarded aluminium fuel tanks from American bombers to create the first auxiliary engine-equipped bicycle. Today, we develop and produce products for a diverse range of markets, from small power product engines to scooters and sports cars. We continue to focus our business on the ideals of our founder, delivering innovative products that keep people on the move and contribute to the well-being of our world.

Our people

At Honda, we know that in order to reach creative solutions, we need creative people. Honda’s values each individual and the ideas and differences that make us unique.

Our customers

Honda believes in providing genuine satisfaction to our customers wherever they may be. We know that different people in different countries want different things from our products and we strive to deliver exactly what you need, where you need it. We don’t only establish extensive local sales networks, but also manufacture many of our products in the regions where they are sold. Currently, we operate 120 manufacturing facilities in 29 countries outside of Japan and come into contact with over 17 million customers every year.

Our world

Honda is dedicated to proactively pursuing solutions to our world’s environmental issues. As a corporate citizen we are committed to reducing our impact on the global environment at all stages of our operations, from development and production to sales.

Our social responsibility policies include
  • Improving the efficiency with which we use energy and other natural resources
  • Reducing harmful emissions and increasing the overall fuel efficiency of our products
  • Creating “Green Factories”
Our safety

Honda regards it as one of our top priorities to create motor vehicles that are safer for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. We are committed to the promotion of responsible and safe driving making transport, whether on foot or by wheel, safe for everyone.

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